Rollin' In Their Jeep!

Sunday, July 15, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

So, you remember when Phoenix's Grandma Brown got him a gigantic 4-wheeler that was so massive it just scared the bejesus out of me? Well, she went ahead and outdid herself... and got him another one. A smaller one that was just what she wanted - something that Phoenix and Ariana could ride in together. It was so cute... almost surreal to see them riding all by themselves! There was my little Ariana, just riding off with her big brother at the wheel.

Phoenix was still a bit unsure of himself, but I know he'll develop confidence with practice :)  

And, my deepest apologies, because in all the excitement of the day, I'm pretty sure I forgot to say it... but...
Thank you so much for the wonderful gift!
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