Cook Like It's 1803 - Apple Sauce

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We live in a world where faster is better. Meals often come from microwaves, but often contain ingredients that don't even resemble actual food. (Gives "stink eye" to high fructose corn syrup.) Processed food is convenient, but it comes at a cost. I think that it's because of this that I'm been intrigued with how things were done a long time ago. Before everything was convenient, what was life on earth like?

How did women get flour before it was sold in a bag at the store?
What did people eat back then?
How did people cook before there were stoves? Ovens? Electricity? I know, they had fire... but still.

I recently came across a cookbook from  1803 that I just had to share. Because while novels tell stories, I think the truest glimpse into life 200+ years ago can be easily understood from a cookbook.

The simpler-is-better girl in me LOVES that I don't have to dirty up extra dishes from measuring utensils. Plus, the directions are SO basic that you can pretty much have it memorized after making it the first time. I'm really not a fan of complex recipes. So, here's the first recipe on my list - "To make Apple Sauce".

You can check out the complete book, The Frugal Housewife or Complete Woman Cook (Published in 1803) at

Interested in getting the complete book? it's available on Amazon:

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