Fun With Phoenix & Ariana

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A lot has been going on here lately. As you know, Phoenix recently decided to take a break from taekwondo, I'm on a major de-cluttering binge, we're going full steam ahead with homeschooling. My plate has certainly been full, but  it's full with things I love :)

Today, I wanted to take moment to reflect on some family fun... those beautiful moments that often get lost in the busyness of life and to-do lists. Life isn't always about doing... about accomplishing as many things as you possibly can. It's about smiling, and about spending time doing what makes you happy. What makes me happy is being able to spend every day raising my two amazing children. Here is a peek into that portion of my life with a few of the fun photos I've taken recently.

Ariana playing at Brookside Park in Ashland, Ohio. 

Ariana sharing some leaves she found. 

Her hair at 14 months... short, fine, and never been cut. :)

Phoenix takes a spin with his aunt & cousin.

Phoenix showing Ariana how to stand on the couch.

Ariana has yet to master getting on and off the couch... and more often than not gets way to close to getting injured big-time. 

Our first science experiment... the baking soda & vinegar volcano. 

Watching Phoenix get excited about learning... priceless!

And speaking of learning... I learned never to give a child Moon Dough. It's the worst thing ever invented. 

It'd be less of a mess if you just gave your kid a crate of styrofoam peanuts to tear in o shreds... at least they wouldn't dye your carpet blue. :(

Ariana making a silly face

Giggling at her big brother

Munching on one of her favorite snacks... plain Cheerios.

Mama's little spokesperson!

I can't take a picture of anything without Phoenix sneaking his way in! This was a pic from when I decided to sell our elliptical machine on Craigslist... which went very quickly at a great price! :) 

Photo sequence time! Closing Ariana out of the photo... 

OK, take the pic now, Mom!

Sad little Ariana sneaks her way into the photo.

And we finally get the photo!

Adorable Phoenix

Contemplative Ariana

Smiley Ariana

Phoenix tosses some rocks into the river.

Happy little Ariana

Going on their first wagon ride.

Phoenix thought it was just like a train ride, with the clickety-clack of the wheels going over the grooves in the sidewalk. :)

And Ariana just wanted to sneak out!

I hope you enjoyed these pics from the last month or so. Feel free to leave a comment. I love hearing what you have to say. Thanks for reading, and have a great week! :)

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