How To Use Henna For Hair

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I'm so excited to have used henna on my hair for the first time! Yes, that's right... henna to dye hair! I love it, and am excited to kick the boxed hair color to the curb! Are you wondering how to use henna for hair? It's actually quite easy.


That's my lovely natural hair color there at the part... a mix of shiny parts & light to medium brown.

I bought my henna from Henna Hut. I used a glass bowl to mix it in, because I've heard from various sources not to mix it in anything metal, or to use a metal spoon.  

I used a tiny bit of hair gathered from my brush to do a strand test first. 

The brand I used only needed to be mixed with water. Be sure to follow the specific directions for the henna you buy.

The strand test turned out great. After 1 hour, my test hair had turned a nice reddish-brown. So, I went ahead and mixed up some more henna paste & applied it to my head. The paste does stain your skin, so be sure to wear gloves, and wipe any excess off your skin. 

It basically feels like you're putting mud all over your head. It smells a bit, but nothing too bad. It's a natural, earthy scent, not nearly as bad as the chemical aroma from other hair dyes. In fact, I was a bit worried that it wasn't working because I've always related an obnoxious chemical smell to coloring my hair. 

After applying the henna, I covered my hair and waited an hour. When the timer beeped, I filled up the bathtub, and hopped in to rinse the henna paste out. The water got dirty petty quickly, so I drained it and refilled it to make sure I got all of the paste out. Then, I followed up with a quick rinse in the shower. Every single time, I'd notice more henna washing out. (It actually took around 3-4 more shampoos n the following days until the water ran completely clear.) A big surprise with the henna was that it never stained the tub. In fact, I was surprised by how it rinsed right out.  


This is my hair 4 hours after washing out the henna. 

After a few days the reddish color toned down a bit, becoming slightly less bold.


So far, I'm loving coloring my hair with henna, and don't ever foresee going back to that old, toxic, boxed  hair color again. :)

Questions? Comments? Let me know in the comments section below. :)
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