DecalGirl Skin Kit {Review}

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A few months ago, I got an iPod, and I love, love, love it! I loved how shiny and pretty it was, and opted not to put any sort of case on it. Well, after a few months of tossing it onto my purse, having it jumble around my pocket, and letting the kids play with it, I realized that I couldn't keep it in good condition on my own. I needed some sort of covering. I needed something to keep my $100+ investment looking good. I picked up a Speck case and a Zagg invisibleShield, hoping that would fix my problem. Well, it didn't. The case was poor, leaving an awkward gap where it was supposed to be closed. All I could see was this horrible gap, not my nice phone. So, I ended up returning it. The Zagg invisibleShield was also a less-than-stellar product. I found a speck of dust/dirt, and removing & re-installing it only left me with a myriad of fingerprints in what was supposed to be my pretty, clear iPod-protecting shield. I really wanted it to work, but the following day, I pulled it out of the pocket in my jeans, and the invisibleShield curled right off. I immediately returned that as well.

Feeling hopeless, I hopped online to find another solution, and came across DecalGirl & their Skin Kits. I immediately started shopping for skins for my iPod, and was beyond impressed with their selection. They really do have something for everybody.

Selecting & Applying the Skin
I ended up choosing the turquoise plaid in the no-glare, low-gloss matte finish. The skin arrived a few days later, in a nice brown envelope. The skin was printed on a relatively thin, vinyl material. (You can hear that tell-tale vinyl sound when you run your nail over it.) One side was printed, the other side had a slightly-adhesive backing on it. I did notice that the image I chose didn't have crisp edges, but I think that's more a result of the printing process they use as opposed to an actual product flaw.  

The 3-step directions were very clear and simple, and I was able to install my new skin in a matter of minutes. I just used the features of my iPod to guide my placement  And, when the  front became partially misaligned, I was able to pull it up, readjust, and reapply it with ease.

Dowloading The Wallpaper
After installing the skin, I headed over to the website where I was able to download a matching background wallpaper that blended in seamlessly with my new skin. Downloading it was simple. You just enter your code & email address, and the wallpaper is emailed to you. Use your iPod to check your email & download the wallpaper  Then, just go to "Settings" then "General" and find "Wallpaper". You to change your wallpaper to the picture you just saved. 

Final Verdict
I'm rough with my iPod. It still gets thrown in my purse, tossed around by by kids, and used in a workout armband carrier at the gym on a daily basis. My new skin from DecalGirl has held up well to my abuse. It's not even showing the slightest bit of wear or tear. There is no doubt in my mind that this skin will stay on my iPod for years. But, I'm sure I'll decide to switch it up on my own for a fun new look instead of keeping it on for years anyways. Change is good, and I'll be heading right to where to go when it's time for another change. :)  

Top 10 Reasons To Love DecalGirl Skins
  1. They're 100% Made in the USA. They are the only company that use US-made vinyl & US-made laminate. They use a 100% US citizen workforce, including sales, art development, tech development, production, shipping, and customer service. 
  2. They're the best price. DecalGirl products, on average, sell for $5 less than other competitors' skins. Their iPad skins sell for a full $10 less.
  3. DecalGirl Skins are precision-fit with no bulk. They're engineered to tightly fit the surface, controls, sensors, screen & other parts while still working with most third-party cases and gear.
  4. DecalGirl Skins have no mess & no bubbles! Their special adhesive-backed cast vinyl conforms to curves, goes on easily & removes with no goo.
  5. They are high-quality. Their printers are the same printers used in fine art giclĂ©e prints. Their vinyl is the highest-quality, American-made vinyl on the market. 
  6. They were the first on the market to offer free wallpaper as well as different finishes on their skins: the traditional gloss finish & the new matte finish. 
  7. DecalGirl Skins will not fade.
  8. DecalGirl Skins not smudge.
  9. DecalGirl Skins not smear.
  10. DecalGirl Skins are removable at any time, or can stay on the device for years.

Do you love colorful gadgets? What device would you skin or re-skin? Leave a comment below. :)

DISCLAIMER: I received a iPod Skin for the purpose of this review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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