Making The Evening News & Thoughts On Our School Tax Levy

Looks like a picked a good day to go grocery shopping makeup-free! As I was getting into my car, I was approached by a reporter asking for my thoughts on "Issue 23" - which will cost taxpayers $4.3 million dollars annually. Check it out below.

First, what is a tax levy on property? It's when your taxes are raised a certain percent, based on the value of your property.

What is a school tax levy?  It's when your taxes are raised a certain percent, based on the value of your property. This money is then given to the public school system in your area.

Of course, the news didn't print the entire backstory on WHY I'm voting against the levy, so here it is.

As a mother in North Ridgeville who is currently homeschooling my pre-k son, I assure you I am educated on the state of schools in this nation. I have nothing but the utmost respect for teachers and staff in the schools, but can't willingly vote to give more money to a system that is so broken. One of the cuts that would be made is cutting the length of the school day. Spending more time in school isn't the answer. Are you aware that students in the United States spend an average of 1,100 hours each year in schools, yet when we rank FAR below other countries who spend only 600 hours a year in the classroom?

As far as art, music, and PE being cut, I encourage people to look outside of the "school" box if these things interest them. My 3 1/2 year old son already knows taewkondo, thanks to programs available outside of the school. Encourage parents who would normally support the levy to put that money into their child's education another way. There is SO much available in our area, it's silly to think that if something isn't offered by a school, that we can't do it. If there's a will, there's a way. Swimming, snowboarding, bmx biking, boxing, golf, MMA, skateboarding, gymnastics, yoga, pilates... the possibilities are endless. If home-schooled kids are finding ways to do these things, public-schooled kids can too.

• Swimmer Katie Hoff — a 2004 Olympian — is home-schooled.
• Basketball player Mike Beasley, a rising junior from Upper Marlboro, Md., is projected by some analysts to become the first player to go directly from home school to the NBA. He has verbally committed to play for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte after he graduates in 2007.
• The ranks of action sports champions are thick with home-school graduates such as 17-year-old X Games snowboard gold medalist Shaun White, 19-year-old motocross champion James "Bubba" Stewart and 17-year-old mountain bike champion Kyle Strait.

As far as arts, have students take a class at the community college, or even one of the many programs offered by our own Parks & Recreation department. Or, have a students with an interest in art start up an art club. For the same amount of money they would spend on a levy, they could spend on their own individual education. Join the theater. Attend theater performances. Go to a concert. Attend & support the orchestra. Learn to sew. Start designing clothing. Become Photoshop certified. Take vocal lessons. Take modeling classes. Become an entrepreneur. Write a book.

Even better? Members of the community who have valuable talents can be sought out to teach these things to our children... further stimulating the economy.

Look outside of the box, and you'll see everything you "need" is already there. I beg you to educate yourself before you cast your vote.

In addition...

Despite more than doubling per-student expenditures in our nation over the past 40 years, test scores have remained relatively flat.


You can read the whole article about how spending more on education does not improve academic achievement here.

Here are a few more facts I'd like to share regarding the spending in our education system compared to the rest of the world:

U.S. Education Vs. The World
Browse more data visualization.

The education system needs to be completely re-built from the ground up. We need to look toward these countries who are doing better... with less money... and with fewer classroom hours, and learn from their example.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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