Twitter Followers: Quantity vs. Quality

Sunday, November 25, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Official Twitter Followers: 2,727
Actual Twitter Followers: 15

I have two thousand seven-hundred and twenty-seven Twitter followers. Sounds pretty impressive right? As a blogger, it's important to amass a lot of followers through various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, and even Instagram.

But, at one point does it start to matter if you have good, quality followers, as opposed to quantity? In my desire to simplify all sorts of aspects of my life, I've also decided to simplify my Twitter feed. I will no longer follow everybody back. I no longer want random posts & spam filling up my Twitter feed. I want a short feed, filled with posts from people I actually care about... from Clevelander to blogger or even inspirational

I don't want a huge network of people I don't talk to... of people who don't listen. I want a small network of people who I can and do talk to. Perhaps public relations people who are interested in helping me promote their brand won't want to work with me. I think that the elephant in the room is that most people on Twitter simply follow those people that follow them back. The rack up a large number of followers with very little connection with those followers. Does that benefit any brand? Is it even a real relationship?

What if you un-follow them? Do they un-follow you? Well, it must not have been that important of a relationship if that's all it's based on... and all too often it is. If most of your followers never interact with you, are they really your followers?

I challenge you to have a good look at your own Twitter feed, and start removing the clutter. It feels amazing to be honest with yourself about who you're following. As a result, some people may decide to stop following you back as well, and that's ok too. Chances are they were never really following you anyways.

Thanks to and for the inspiration behind this article. You've both brought a whole new life to my social media accounts. :)
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