How To Quit Facebook Forever

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If you're like me, you love Facebook. A bit too much perhaps. You know that your habit is quickly becoming something that takes up too much time in your day or perhaps it just occupies too many thoughts in your head. You're done, and you just want to learn how to cut back on how much time you spend on Facebook or even quit Facebook forever. You've come to the right place.

I've tried quitting cold turkey. It was just too hard. I have no self-control. I needed something easy. I've made small changes that add up to big results in terms of letting go of my Facebook addiction. They're outlined below. I recommend following them gradually, in the order I have suggested. This will help you take baby steps to get over your Facebook addiction. Some steps may apply to you. Some may not. If you find a step that doesn't apply to you, just skip it and move to the next one.

Oh, and I'm not an addiction specialist or anything... I've just found the steps that have helped me cure my Facebook addiction, so I'm sharing them with you. :)

Steps To Quit Facebook Forever
  1. Know where you're starting. Before we start to make any big changes, it's important to realize how much time you're currently spending on Facebook. Minutes spend on Facebook can all-too-quickly turn into hours. I suggest downloading a free program like RescueTime, or something similar. It will help you chart your progress as you eventually learn how to quit Facebook forever.
  2. Start unsubscribing.
    Most people only contribute to Facebook noise. If you have friends that regularly post updates you don't enjoy seeing, unsubscribe to them. Just hover over their name in your news feed, hover over friend, and de-select "Show In News Feed". This should be done with as many people as possible. Don't worry... you'll still be able to type in their name & see their updates that way. They just won't be in your news feed anymore. We're removing the noise, so the updates that you do see will be from people that you're interested in hearing from.
  3. Stop email notifications. There's no reason you need emails sent to you every time something happens on Facebook, so have them stopped. To do this, go to "Account Settings" and where it says "All Notifications - Facebook" click "Edit". Uncheck all of the email boxes. Again, we're just removing noise. We'll get to the really good stuff soon. :)
  4. Let go of your apps. Get rid of the Facebook games you don't LOVE. Go to the "App Center" and click on "My Apps". Hover over the apps that you spend time on, but don't love & remove them.
  5. Remove your Facebook bookmark.
    If you have Facebook bookmarked, remove it. The idea here is that we're going to start making it a slight inconvenience to check your Facebook page. To delete a bookmark, just right-click over it and hit delete.
  6. Cut back on updates.
    Stop updating your status all the time. Instead of posting noise, try to save your updates to a few special rare gems.
  7. Hide friends that don't reciprocate. Are you always liking & commenting for friends who never comment back? Friendship is a 2-way street. You don't need to waste your time on those friends who  don't give back, so hide your friends who never comment or like your updates.
  8. Find a mobile home. Are you always using a mobile device to check your Facebook? Stop carrying it with you 24/7. You'll likely feel liberated not always constantly carrying it around with you. Find a "home base" for you phone and keep it there. I keep my phone in my purse. I hear it when it rings, I check it for missed calls & texts 2-3 times a day, but I'm not ted down by it.
  9. Loosen up on your laptop. 
    Are you always checking Facebook on your laptop? Don't keep your laptop in a location where it's constantly tempting you to check your account. Make it a bit more of a hassle. For example, keep it under your pillow (turned off of course).
  10. Switch To "Only Me". Change your status updates so you're the only one who sees them. Under the "Update Status" box, change the dropdown box to "Only Me".
  11. Stay mysterious.
    Instead of having your profile a picture of yourself, your kids, or your pet, change it to a photo of something less important to you. By switching to something less personal, you remove that reward of seeing yourself, kids, cat, dog, etc, from your profile whenever you log in or comment. has a lot of great options.
  12. Get serious.
    Use a productivity program like Nanny for Google Chrome or LeechBlock for Firefox to limit the amount of time you spend on Facebook. Use the data you've gathered from the RescueTime App in Step 1 to figure out how much to limit your Facebook time. Make sure your limit is challenging, but not too challenging. One you do this, you'll see those habits really start to change. You'll be less likely to even log into Facebook, for fear that it might eat up your time. You'll also likely unsubscribe to more pages, hide more friends, etc. This is a good thing, and right where you need to be at this point.
  13. Work it down.
    Eventually, you'll start noticing that you can probably get by with even less time on Facebook each day. That's right where you need to be. Keep cutting the time allotted each day, until you're eventually skipping entire days... entire weeks... even entire months... because that is how to quit Facebook forever.
Good luck with kicking the Facebook addiction. I know that if you follow these steps carefully, you'll be well on your way to a Facebook-free... or at least not Facebook-obsessed life. :)

UPDATE: Even this wasn't enough for me. I just had to go cold turkey... and it feels amazing! Check out why I Quit Facebook.

UPDATE 7/7/16: Okay, while I love the advice in this post, I've decided I don't want to quit Facebook, just cut back. These tips have been incredibly useful in cutting back how much time I spend on Facebook. :)

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