My ACL Tear - A Walk Down Memory Lane

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Did I ever tell you the store of when I tore my ACL? That's my anterior cruciate ligament, for those who have never heard of it. It happened during my freshman year of high school, when I was playing volleyball. Unlike everyone else on the team, this was my first time ever playing volleyball. I had been in cross country in junior high, but decided to give volleyball a try because all of my friends were in it and they all told me how easy it was.

Easy? For them... maybe. For me? Not at all. To say I was awful would be an understatement. I couldn't do anything right. I was the awkward tall girl who never should have signed up for volleyball simply because my friends wanted me to.

So, when I landed on my leg wrong one day in practice, I think I was secretly relieved. I had no idea what happened. All I knew was that I had a way out of playing volleyball - at least for the rest of that practice.

My knee continued to hurt for a few days, so at the suggestion of my older sister... who just knew I tore my ACL, we went to the ER. Well, wouldn't ya know, she was right. I sure did tear my ACL. I spent the next few months on crutches and in an out of various surgeries to repair my ACL (which was 95% torn) as well as my meniscus.

After surgeries, I spent what seemed like forever in physical therapy. Three times a week, I'd go to the local gym to work on getting my leg muscles back. My absolutely favorite part of each workout was at the end, when they'd hook me up to the muscle stimulator. I'd just lay on the table while this magical machine would work out my leg muscle for me. It was pure heaven. Not only was it working my leg out, but I didn't have to do anything!

Toward the end of therapy, I even got to take one of the TENS Units home with me to use. It was awesome. And, since I had it at home, I was so tempted to try out that thing on my abs... but never did, for fear I'd send crazy electronic pulses through the wrong part of my body & do some damage.

Oh, but what I could have done if I only knew how to use that thing correctly. *sigh* Looking back, my abs were amazing back then anyways! Seriously... what did I think I needed to improve?! Abs after having two children? Well, that's another story!

But, thinking about how fun it was, I think I might look into getting one of the newer Muscle Stimulators to work on my abs. They're actually affordable, and I really do need all the help I can get! I've been hitting the gym, but there really was nothing better than the automatic muscle workout I got when I was going to therapy.

If you could magically tone any part of your body, what would you do? Leave a comment! :)

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