Our First Real Christmas

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This year, it felt like our first real Christmas as a big family. We've always done Christmas, but we always worked it around other things. This year, for the first time, both kids were old enough to really get into the whole idea of unwrapping presents. Yes this year we did it right... and a day early! Seriously, who can wait until Christmas?!

On Christmas Eve Eve, we left out some carrots & oats for Santa's reindeer. We said goodbye to our elf Fred, who would return to the North Pole until next Christmas. Ken & I spent the night wrapping gifts as quietly as possible while the little ones slept.  We listened to lots of Christmas music, and on Christmas Eve morning, the kids woke up early & we unwrapped presents. :)  

It was every bit as magical as I remember my Christmases being when I was younger. :)

Ariana was intrigued by the small gifts.

Phoenix did a great job helping separate the gifts into piles.

Santa made sure to include a few books he knew Phoenix would love!

One of the presents that was addressed to both children.

Ariana - daintily unwrapping her gifts. 

Phoenix carefully opening another gift.

Just when he thought he was done, he spotted another gift hidden near the tree...

Phoenix's big gift from Santa... trains & tracks... just like he asked for. :)

In typical girlie-girl fashion, Ariana was obsessed with the clothes she received!

Daddy's little helper.

Checking out her stocking.

Phoenix couldn't resist the chocolate from his stocking.

I think Ariana was swiping some goodies from the shopping cart Phoenix was using!

Ariana's toy from Santa - a Little People Ferris Wheel Set. 

Merry Christmas! What was the highlight of your holiday? Leave a comment! :)
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