Taking The "Christ" Out Of Christmas... #FirstWorldProblems

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Last year, I wrote about taking the Christ out of Christmas.  If you haven't already, first check out my original post where I explain how the mere thought that somebody or something can "Take the Christ out of Christmas" is the highest insult to all Christians. This year, I'm compelled to expand on this topic a bit more.

Once again, it's everywhere. The polls, the status updates, everybody is concerned about taking the Christ out of Christmas. *sigh* To those of you that find this to be a huge problem, I ask you this: "Do you realize how good we have it here in America?"

See what I mean? Do you see why people hate Americans? It's not only that we have it so good, but we somehow find a way to complain about it. 

We also manage to tie in our own over-inflated sense of self-importance. Well, certainly everybody must agree with me! Not only do I celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, but I demand everybody else does too.  I refuse to acknowledge that anybody might be celebrating any other holiday than my own.  


Many cultures celebrate different things. To insist that everybody should celebrate your religion instead of their own is not only self-important, but it's also ignorant. Diversity in religion is okay. There is no harm in acknowledging that other religions exist. Blindly assuming everybody should share your religious beliefs is just insulting to other religions.

When people clamor to "Keep The Christ In Christmas," what exactly are they ever referring to anyways? Many of the most popular Christmas customs – including Christmas trees, mistletoe, Christmas presents, and Santa Claus – are modern incarnations of the most depraved pagan rituals ever practiced on earth. The best way to keep Christ in Christmas is to remove everything that's not "Christ" from it. No Christmas Trees, no stockings, no presents, no carols, no Santa Claus. You have a church service sometime in the spring, because that's when Jesus was born. And, that's it. There. That's your "Christ in Christmas." 

Ugh, but seriously folks, of all the things to complain about... we're complaining about this? People are dying from hunger, at war, and this is what we're really angered about? Seriously, we need to quit the complaining. We should be thankful that we even have these first world problems of privilege. Next time you post about "Taking The Christ Out Of Christmas" - just stop. Get your fingers off the keyboard and do something to keep the Christ in Christmas instead. 
There. That's keeping the Christ in Christmas. 

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