My Life Via Instagram - March 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

Hi everyone! It's time for another Instagram update. Enjoy!

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I think this summer, he'll be ready for a big boy bike! #theygrowupsofast

Yummy dinner for the kids tonight... Hard boiled eggs are almost ready. :) Salads for the hubbs & I.
#healthy #vegetarian

Ariana & daddy holding hands on our evening walk. :) #toocute

Ready to play dinosaurs this morning. :) #makingmoretimeforplay

Ariana ninja'd my mapo tofu (aka hot & spicy Chinese food) this morning! #breakfast

I'm a horrible mom & ALWAYS eat all the cookies in the house, so decided to make shortbread cookies for the kids today... the only ones I refuse to eat. ;)
#homemade #cookies
Lol- the first thing Phoenix said? These are good! Please try not to eat them all.
We need 1,690 so there will be enough.

Phoenix & Ariana... wearing a cloth diaper, Diego underwear as a tube top, and a "#1" sticker in her hair. :) #style

Love them. :)

Homemade pizza rolls. :) #homemade

Just got my $20 worth of soap in the mail... cause I'm weird and don't like using store-bought soap on my kids. One day, I'll learn to make my own. :) #handmade #soap #etsy

Who wants to come over for lunch? #healthy #homemade soup & bread. So yummy!

I love when something "clicks"! While doing his work today, he shouts, "Crocodile, crayon, carrot - they all start with the same letter! They alliterate!" It was so cute!
#english #grammar #4yearsold #homeschooling

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our lives. As always, comments make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside, and are always welcome and appreciated. :) 
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