100 Ways To Be A Better Parent

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In my ongoing effort to become a better parent, I recently purchased some parenting cards from The Natural Child Project. Now first, let me say that I'm a big fan of The Natural Child Project, which offers advice about a few things that have become important in my life - attachment parenting, unschooling, and child advocacy.

Ok, now I know what you're thinking. What the heck is a parenting card? Well, they're little fortune-cookie-style cards that offer gentle suggestions for parenting with love. Each of the 100 small cards features a unique reminder about compassionate parenting. I believe with my whole heart that these truly are 100 ways that you can become a better parent.

I think they're an amazing resource for any parent to have. I tend to pull one or two out when I'm about to loose my cool, and the insight they provide often helps me see the situation I'm experiencing in a new light.

Here are a few of my favorites:

We have had tremendous success implementing positive discipline in our home, and I'm excited to see that so many parents are catching on to it. Our son has changed from an aggressive, self-centered child into the most thoughtful, kind preschooler I've ever seen. Each day, I am amazed to see him interact with other children in a loving, caring, and encouraging way.

If you're interested in learning more about positive discipline, check out  http://www.naturalchild.org/articles/gentle_guidance.html and http://www.attachmentparenting.org/principles/disc.php.

DISCLAIMER: I purchased these cards on my own. No compensation was received  I just fully believe in their message, and want to spread the word. :)
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