Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms-To-Be

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Aah, the joy of pregnancy. I really did enjoy most everything about being pregnant. Well, the weight gain I wasn't a big fan of . (I gained 60 lbs!) Another thing I didn't really like was being overwhelmed my about being pregnant was all of the "stuff".

What did I need? I never had a baby before. I had no clue. People swore I had to have it all, and I did. But, looking back, there was very little that I really needed. Gosh, think of how much money, and precious space in our small home I would save if I just stuck with the necessities.

So, here is my list of must-have items for minimalist moms-to-be. Yes, if I were to have a baby again, this is really everything I would need. Forget the crazy lists of a million things. All your baby ever needs is you. These are just a few things to make that a little bit better. :)

Must-Haves For Minimalist Moms-To-Be

  • Handmade Bar Soap - Skip the crazy soaps loaded with chemicals, and just stick with something natural and handmade. Your baby will thank you for it! Try this brand by Horse O' Peace Ranch :)
  • Cloth Diapers - Cloth diapers. Just do it. Not only will you save a TON of money... but your baby will earn MAJOR style points from everyone who sees their cute little diapers!
  • Nursing Bras - You'll need a few nursing bras as well. I suggest at least two for daytime - like this one. Nursing Tops - An absolute must for any new mom - a good handful of nursing tops. I suggest getting an absolute minimum of two.
  • Moby Wrap - Weather at home or on the go, a wrap like this will keep your baby happy & close to mommy. Babies also LOVE to fall asleep in them! Here are a few. :)
  • Onesies - If you don't have a baby shower, you'll need to stock up on clothes on your own. Babies mostly live in onesies, like this one. I suggest getting around 14... in sizes from newborn to 6 months. Just get a few of each. You never know how fast your baby will grow.
  • Wooden Toy Rattle - Simply toys like this will be all your baby needs. With fewer toys, your baby will be able to spend more time learning & playing, and less time being overwhelmed by decisions. As you decrease the quantity of your children's toys and clutter, you increase their ability to pay attention and their capacity for deep play. I LOVE these. :)

Am I missing something? What would you add to this list? Leave a comment below. 

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