Cat Island In The Bahamas {Vacation Pics}

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Who hasn't dreamed of jetting off to a private island... with beautiful blue water and white sand beach as far as our eyes could see? I certainly have, and last week, that dream I had to take a vacation to a private island became a reality. While technically Cat Island isn't a "private island", with a population of just 1,678, it sure felt like it. For one amazing week, out family was able to get away from everyday life, and escape our worries. Our front yard was the most beautiful beach I've ever seen... and we had it all to ourselves. It feels almost too good to be true!

It took us 12 hours to travel from Cleveland, Ohio to Cat Island, Bahamas. Seems a bit long? Well, it was. When traveling to places off the beaten path, you need to plan to spend some time traveling. So, how do you get to Cat Island? There are hardly any direct flights to Cat Island. We actually flew into Nassau, and hopped on local airline SkyBahamas from there. We ended up flying in on a 19-seat prop plane. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad... at least from what I've heard about flying in small airplanes. And, just when I got used to being in a small plane, we landed at the Arthur's Town Airport... certainly the tiniest airport I've ever been to.

Our host, Sooner Halvorson from the Halvorson House Villa Resort drove us from the airport right to our beautiful beachfront 2-bedroom 2-bathroom villa - The Seagrape House.

As we were unpacking, the resident horse, Gretchen, came by our villa - as if to greet her new guests. It was also an amazing photo opportunity. after all, it's certainly not every day you see this out your front door!

   After that... for the next few days, we simply relaxed, and enjoyed our vacation. :)

We were lucky enough to have Ken's parents come with us help watch the kids. It was certainly nice having them around.

It took a little time figuring out how to take two non-swimmers into the ocean for the first time.

We spent a lot of time just digging in the sand with the kids. 

Whenever I'd look up, I was greeted by the serene, secluded beach we were on. Even after a week, I still couldn't get over it... a vacation like this was a huge dream of mine... and I was actually living it.

I even caught an incredibly rare photo of my husband Ken -smiling!

Ariana playing in the sand... next to one of her favorite animals at the resort - Cherry the cat.

Ariana - watching her shadow.

While we were there, I decided to take a few pics of Ariana - to use as her official "2-year-old" pictures.

I also got this cute photograph of Ariana & Phoenix holding hands.

And, after many attempts, we even got a family photo!

One evening, we let the kids stay up late so we could have a bonfire on the beach. Ariana crawled right up onto Phoenix's chair, which was adorable. And, as a firefighter-in-training, Phoenix was beyond thrilled to have his first "camp fire"!

Phoenix really buddied up with Mattie Halvorson... it was fun to watch them play together.

Ken became the expert at digging mega-holes in the sand... big enough to fit an entire person!

And that puts a close on our family vacation to Cat Island. 

We had an amazing time on Cat Island, and I highly recommend our resort - Halvorson House Villa Resort. They have private oceanfront villas ranging from $129-$179 a night... and even smaller rooms for just $89 a night! I can't say enough good things about the Halvorson House. Be sure to check out their reviews in Trip Advisor as well. 

Things are finally winding down a bit after our big family vacation to Cat Island in the Bahamas. This was a long-needed, well-deserved vacation for our entire family. We've also made some amazing memories that will certainly last a lifetime. :)

As always, comments are always loved and appreciated. I personally read and respond to each and every one. :)

PS -  If you didn't already, be sure to check out why I chose Cat Island
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