Digital Decluttering: Linkedin

Since giving Facebook the boot, I've been motivated to digitally declutter a bit more. My next social network to go is LinkedIn. Why? Well, for me, this one was a no-brainer. I never use it. It never got me that dream job it promised. Plus, I hardly ever log into it anyways, so even if I were to get some hypothetical dream job, I'd never even know about it. To me, that's enough to give LinkedIn the boot.

It feels good to be off of one more social network. I'm also trying to be a bit more selective about what information I make available online. Yes, I know I have a blog... but that's different than a site like LinkedIn. LinkedIn shares a bit more private information. Is it necessary to share my entire employment history with the world? Right not, I don't feel like it is. There is just so much information available about me "out there" that I just want to take back some control of it all.

Do you use LinkedIn? Do you know anyone who has gotten a job from it? Leave a comment.

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