Easy, Breezy Summer Fun :)

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This post was from one year ago... Phoenix and Ariana have both gotten bigger, but are still so very much the same as they were 12 months ago. I think it's time for another water balloon toss. Have a great week! :)

I checked the weather on my iPod...88°. Immediately, I thought of how nice it would be if we had a little pool for the kids to go swimming in. I made a mental note to get one for them to play in. But... all was not lost. We have a ton of other stuff for Phoenix & Ariana to do outside. There's a swing-set, sandbox, water table, a garden hose, and even a sprinkler. PLUS, I got a call from Ken's mom saying that she would be up this morning to visit. *score* I love when she comes to visit/babysit.

Perhaps it was the sunshine, the warm weather, the company, or something else that made me bust out the old camera for the first time in what seems like forever. Way back in the day... when there was just Phoenix, I felt the need to capture everything. Now that I have two kids, I feel more of a desire to just be there as a mom rather than being there as a photographer. Well, most of the time at least. Like I said, today was different. I was snapping pictures like crazy of my two little ones, and it felt great. 

A few tiny balloons from the dollar store, filled with water, provided some quick fun. I filled them half-way so they would stay full longer. It didn't work. Forget about tossing them - they popped if you looked at them the wrong way! 

As I sat there, photographing my children, I couldn't help but feel great. Amazing. At peace. Moments like this - just watching my children play seem to be what life is all about.

Oh, and on a side-note, that rock wall on the swing-set? Ariana's already climbing up and down it like a pro. :)

We finished off the morning by snacking on the very first strawberry out of the garden. It was perhaps the most perfect strawberry I've ever seen. Not only was it exquisitely shaped, but the flavor was like that of 10 strawberries, combined into one powerful little punch. 

I'm looking forward to a summer spent outside, watching the kids play, and snacking on fresh fruits & veggies straight out of the garden.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Leave a comment. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :)

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