The Science of Skinny {Book Review}

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It's no secret to those who know me that I love learning about how to be healthy. Some people subscribe to the "why bother theory". They think that if what's healthy today might be bad for you tomorrow, then why bother at all? That's the easy way out. It gets you off the hook for even trying. That's not me. I believe that knowledge is power, and the more knowledgeable I am about something, the better off I'll be. If you too believe that knowledge is power, then keep reading.

The science of nutrition is only in its infancy. I believe that we, as a nation, are overweight and sick is because we have yet to fully understand nutrition. So, I read and learn as much as I can, and piece the bits together into something that works for me.

Reading The Science Of Skinny by Dee McCaffrey completely changed how I saw nutrition and eating. As an organic chemist, Dee McCaffrey brings her chemistry knowledge from the periodic table to the food table. Humans are, after all, living organisms. If given the right food, they'll thrive. If given the wrong food, the'll become sick & die.

So, what's the right food? It's what our species has evolved to eat. It's what humans have always eaten... up until the last 100 years or so. It's real food, whole and natural. In The Science Of Skinny, Dee explains in great deal how switching from the standard american diet of processed food-like substances to actual food can not only help you lose weight, but rid your body of many diseases as well.

So... what the heck are we supposed to eat? Real food. Food found in nature. Stay away from processed foods. So... how can you tell if something is a processed food? It's simple!

If it has an ingredients list with items you don't recognize as food... then it's a processed food.

If it was made in a factory... then it's a processed food.

If it comes in a box... then it's a processed food.

If it claims to be "fortified"... then it's a processed food.

If your great-great-grandmother wouldn't recognize it as food... then it's a processed food.

Still unsure? Simply follow this flow chart to see if you're eating actual food.

The concept of eating unprocessed foods is new to me, and I'm striving every day to eat healthier. Yup... you heard me... I'm not a perfect eater. But, my diet is better than it was a year ago. In my search for the perfect way of eating, I'm forever grateful to have stumbled upon The Science Of Skinny by Dee McCaffrey. I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in weight loss, lowering cholesterol, managing diabetes and reduce chronic inflammation naturally. 

PS - Also, be sure to check out Dee McCaffrey's podcast - Diet Science. I love listening to it when I'm working out. It's a fun podcast to listen to, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight & become healthier. :)

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