5 Things I Learned From Quitting Facebook

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Seven months ago, I quit Facebook. A few days later, I hopped the hubby's account to find some awesome photo that he just said I had to see. A long 30 minutes later, I had left an incredibly long comment on my friend's post about sleeping babies, and was instantly reminded why I quit Facebook in the first place.

The past 7 months have honestly been great living without having a personal presence on the biggest social media site in the world. While I still have a page up for this blog - https://www.facebook.com/pages/It-Keeps-Getting-Better/131511276909699 - I've un-liked as many pages as possible to avoid the noise in my news feed. Besides, I can check out how many people visit my blog from my Facebook posts... and it's really not enough to bother with really keeping up with an active presence there. I'm okay with that. :) I've also learned quite a bit since leaving.

  1. I never really had 542 "friends". I have about 4... and that's a good thing! I'd rather have a closer relationship with a few people as opposed to 542 "Facebook friends", consisting of every person I have ever went to school with, worked with, or have otherwise met throughout the course of my entire life. Why would I even want to keep up with every minute detail of lives of 542 people I barely know anymore?
  2. I won't miss many people. There are about 4 people I actually miss on Facebook. When you quit Facebook, you find ways to keep in touch with people... better ways. You talk to them on the phone. You visit them, or have them visit you more often. Sometimes, they just live too far away, and Facebook was all you had. It's times like these that you just have to accept that sometimes friends move out of your life for different reasons.
  3. Nobody misses me. Yes, that's the sad truth of the social networking giant. Everybody that knows me on Facebook also knows that I have a blog. Did I experience a major influx of traffic to my blog from old Facebook friends wondering what I have been up to? No. Of course not.
  4. I notice the world now. I no longer live life composing my next Facebook status in my head. I no longer spend my free time commenting on status updates of other people.
  5. I don't even miss it. Usually when I quit something... like eating meat, sugar, pop, etc - I absolutely crave whatever is is that I'm giving up. To my surprise, that's never happened with Facebook. Every now and then, I'll catch Ken scrolling through his feed, and I'm not envious. I'm relieved that I don't have to keep up with Facebook anymore.

I write this post, because, yup... I created a new Facebook account. The plan is to keep it low-key this time. I mostly just needed a personal profile to associate my blog page to (for advertisers). Sometimes companies I work with ask that I post things to a personal Facebook account, and this allows me to do that. 

This time, my Facebook is different. 

  1. I'm not collecting any friends. Though I'm not refusing any friend requests, I'm not sending out any friend requests.
  2. I'm not posting random status updates. Mostly everything that I post on this account will be related to a sponsor I'm working with.
  3. I'm hiding almost everyone. Reading updates sucks me in... I feel like I have to read EVERYTHING that has happened since my last login. So, I've narrowed down my news feed to only show about 5 people or so.
  4. I'm not commenting. This is just my new rule that keeps me from getting sucked into Facebook.
  5. I'm not "liking". Again - I'm trying to stay as low-key as possible, so I'm liking things here at my computer with a smile or a head nod. 
It felt good to be away, and now that I'm back, it feels good for me to have my Facebook addiction under control. :)

As always, comments are always loved and appreciated. I personally read and respond to each and every one. :). 

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