Olay Fresh Effects BB Skin Cream Review {B & B Cream}

Monday, July 15, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

I received Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream in Fair to Light complimentary from Influenster for review purposes.

Looking to simplify your skin care regimen? A BB Skin Cream like Olay Fresh Effects might be just what you need!

The first thing I want to say is that it's an easy way to get ready quickly in the morning. I know I'm always busy with two kids, and I seem to be going 24/7. In the video, you can hear my son Phoenix in the background... that's proof! (I don't even get a minute off to do a video blog!)

When I do my makeup, I usually wear a B & B cream like Olay Fresh Effects BB Skin Cream, because it does a lot of different things. It provides a base foundation, and it also has SPF, which is important to me because I don't want to get old and wrinkly sooner than I have to! ;)

Here are my thoughts on the gives six specific benefits it provides:
  1. Refreshes Skin Instantly - You can see in the video that it definitely does this. It also has a nice smell to it. Sometimes foundations and BB skin creams smell weird to me. This has a nice, clean smell.
  2. Brightens For A Radiant Glow - I definitely feel it brightens as well.
  3. Evens Tone With A Splash Of Sheer Color - Yes, it evens skin tone. It's a very light color, so if you have skin problems or acne, you'll have to use a foundation on top of it. For me, if I'm just going to be at home, I like to wear it alone, because it's just a sheer color and also has an SPF, which I really like.
  4. Hydrates For 24 Hours - I can feel the hydration with this BB cream. I don't wash my face when I go to bed at night, I usually just wash it in the morning in the shower. And, when I wash it, I can always feel how my skin feels hydrated after I use this. It feels very smooth. You can still feel that the Olay Fresh Effects BB Skin Cream is still on, and hydrating my skin for 24 hours.
  5. Smooths For A Softer-Feeling Skin - Yes, my skin certainly does feel softer after using this BB cream.
  6. Protects Against UV Damage With SPF 15 - This is one of my favorite things about this BB cream, because wearing some sort of a sunscreen on my face is very important to me. And, this is a good way to get it in and add a little bit of fresh color to my skin.

I highly recommend Olay Fresh Effects BB Skin Cream to everyone whose looking for a BB cream. I use fair to light, and they also have a light to medium shade as well.  Right now, you can buy it on Amazon for just $9.83

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