I'm So Glad We Didn't Get Eaten By Wild Deer Today

Saturday, August 24, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

"What do you want to learn about today?" I ask Phoenix.
"Planets and deer," was his reply.

A few of our books about planets had arrived at the library, but we were still waiting on the ones about deer. So, we decided to go on a walk/bike ride. While we were out, I caught a glimpse of a deer, chilling out on the ground. I showed the kids, and they were amazed. This was the first time they'd ever seen a deer laying down before - very cool.

While not our actual deer, this pretty much looks like her.

We kept an eye on her as we passed her on the sidewalk. One we got a little further away, she stood up. This was awesome, because Phoenix and Ariana could get a much better view of her standing. Then, she took a step toward us, and suddenly her baby fawn was beside her. And, together they started walking toward us. 

"Look! they're coming this way!" I said excitedly to the kids. 

Then, they just kept looking right at us, and walking. 

And walking. 

And walking. 

Right at us. 

It was very cool, but started creeping me out. I'd say they were about 100 feet away when I decided to tell the kids to say goodbye and start moving again. 

I know my kids would have loved to have rode/pet the deer. Perhaps the mama saw us walking, and wanted to have a playdate. I guess we'll never know. But, that's ok. At least we didn't get eaten by wild deer today.

PS - And because I know what a few of you are thinking...yes, I know deer don't actually eat people!

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