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When I first saw that The Pistachio Project was hosting a Natural Every Day Instagram Challenge, I knew I just had to join. Sure, based on my track record with things like 101 Goals In 1,001 Days, All About Me In 30 Days, Monday Mingle, SOOC Saturday, Sunday Seven, You Capture, and What I Love Wednesday, I knew there was no chance I'd be Instagramming every day for 30 days for this challenge. But... I tend to like the whole natural thing, and I thought that this would be a fun way to show it. And, truth be told, I also had just downloaded a new photo-editing app that I had been dying to try out. ;) So... enough talk it. Here it is - technically thirty-one days of living Natural Every Day... condensed into 8 wonderful photos. :)

Homemade bread. :) #backtobasics #naturaleveryday

Ariana sporting my favorite thing to #reuse - #clothdiapers #picoftheday #naturaleveryday

My #homemade Fungus & Mold Remover & Supercleaner
1cup water, 4 drops sweet orange EO, 2 drops peppermint EO, 4 drops tea tree, 2 drops camphor, 1 drop vetiver, 4 drops eucalyptus. #essentialoils #naturaleveryday

Keeping it #naturaleveryday w/ some fresh #organic #garden lettuce. :)

Taking the easy way out today... but my children truly are my future, in nature, and the reason for me to be #naturaleveryday :)

My new, #real #homemade laundry detergent - just 1 ingredient - #sodiumbicarbonate . Safe. Nontoxic. #naturaleveryday

Seriously awesome book on #simplicity & #parenting . If a book can be life changing, this is it. :) #naturaleveryday

I told myself they were for Ariana's party. The truth is that sometimes I need a break from washing dishes, and these were the cheapest plates I could find. #naturalfail #naturaleveryday

I hope you enjoyed checking out my very first Instagram Challenge! Join in the Instargam fun @thepistachioproject #naturaleveryday :)

That's all for now. :) Feel free to leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :)

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