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Let's see... how do I put this? My family isn't exactly... well... afraid of poop. Since my children were babies, poop wasn't treated as something bad or shameful, or something to be embarrassed about. It was just a natural part of life. We didn't celebrate poop... but we didn't fear it either.

Ok, now that that's out of the way... the other day, Phoenix told me he wanted to learn about poop. (What 4-year-old boy doesn't, right?) So, armed with two amazing books from the library, we learned about poop.

We learned a lot about poop.

And, after we were done, I just know that our lesson on poop wouldn't be complete without a craft... a poop craft. After thinking about what to do for a minute, I figured out the perfect idea. I loaded up Photoshop, and hastily created this little gem.

To use, just print out this free poop craft printable on the thickest paper you have available & decorate. Be creative! This isn't about getting something "right" - it's about having fun!

- use finger-paint, crayons, markers, etc. to color him
- glue or tape the white hands onto pipe-cleaner arms
- add googly eyes
- glue a popsicle stick onto the back to make it a bit sturdier

So, that's the scoop on the poop craft. Feel free to share this fun, unique craft by pinning via the link above.

Does your family talk about poop, or is something that is scooped under the rug? *wink* Feel free to leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :)
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