I bought a long skirt I thought looked cute, but it really made me feel like a frumpy pioneer woman with no style... until I got your feedback on Facebook! Now I feel super-hot-ish. :)

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There was a time where I knew a thing or two about fashion. I knew what styles were trendy, and what was so last season. I read all of the major fashion magazines, and loved it. I never bought any high-end names, but I did the best I could to try to stay "in style". That was a long, long time ago.

I couldn't tell you a thing about what's hot in fashion right now. Since having kids, my interest in fashion and style has gone from a 10 down to a 3. And... I'm ok with that. I can't do it all. That's what you guys are for. ;)

You see, I recently bought a long, pink, tiered skirt for $22 on a whim off of a shop on ETSY. Well, it wasn't entirely a whim, but more the side effect of some late-night Pintrest-browsing and clicking. Ultimately, the shop on ETSY had the cutest long skirts at a price I wouldn't mind paying.

Two weeks later, my skirt arrived, I was beyond excited. I never wear dresses or skirts, and was excited to make this casual piece a fun part of my everyday wardrobe. I tried it on and... BAM! I looked... frumpy... and felt slightly pioneer-woman-ish. Not cool. So not cool. I was so excited to get this piece to look hot, but had no idea what to do. So... I solicited your advice from Instagram and Facebook.

The responses I got were complete life-savers. Suggestions of what to wear with it included:
  • White form-fitting tank or cami
  •  A couple of necklaces, bangles, and embroidered sandals for a  boho look
  • White flip-flops & shades
  • Bold necklace
  • Strappy sandals, gladiator sandals, or flip flops, accent it with a long pendant necklace
So... I mixed your advice together, hit up the store, and pulled this look together. :)

Since this photo was taken, I've also paired it with a bold, chunky, stone, necklace, which really adds to the look. And, though they're not in the pic, I'm wearing some cute leather-strapped sandals.

Sunglasses - Target
Turquoise tank - Old Navy
White tank - Kohls
Skirt - Etsy
Seashell necklace - Hawaii
Chunky necklace - Brazil
Shoes - Kohls

I'm so happy with the final result! I feel like I went from frumpy to fabulous. Thank you all so much for your help!

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday.

pleated poppy

Do you have any more advice for this outfit? I'd love to hear. Leave a comment below. As always, I appreciate, read, and respond to each and every comment. :)

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