All About Me In 30 Days Challenge: Day 1

Thursday, October 24, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

"All About Me In 30 Days" is a blog challenge I started two years ago, but never finished, so I though it would be fun to re-visit the challenge. Though I'm sure this was meant to be consecutive days, there's no way I'll be able to do that! But, I still will be completing the challenge this time.  I'm hoping that you will enjoy getting to know a little bit more about me.

You can check out all of the questions at All About Me In 30 Days Challenge. :)

Day 1 – a recent photo of you

This is an easy one! I recently had a few pics taken while I was all gussied up to go to a wedding. (Do people still say gussied up?) I don't normally love how I look in pictures... but I do like this one. :)

Thanks for stopping by! If you feel compelled to do your own All About Me In 30 Days Challenge, feel free to post a link to it in the comments below. :)

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