What We Can All Learn From The Government Shutdown {Simplifying}

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So... the government shut down. That's okay. It's not good, but it's okay. You know why? Because we're still moving on. The entire government shut down, and life for me is pretty much business as usual. And this got me to thinking... maybe this is a sign for America. Maybe we all work a bit too much.

My husband used to work for a German company, and they couldn't contact that company in August. You know why? They were all on vacation. For the entire month of August. And, you know what's stopping us from doing that as a country? Nothing really, besides greed. Yes, sadly, america values money more than people, and nowhere is this more apparent than by comparing our vacation and leave policies with those of other developed nations. Ok. Even undeveloped nations have us beat.

Did you know some countries require you to take a vacation?
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Remember the days when everything was closed on Sundays? They were a day of rest, and people could just spend time with their families. What happened to those days? Sure, some places need to stay open (like hospitals), but I full believe that America could go back to focusing less on working 24/7, and back to what most of us claim is most important... spending time with family.

Can't we just start with taking back Sunday? This Sunday, I urge you to not go out. After church, make dinner at home. Skip that trip to Target or Walmart and just spend time at home with your family. Shop for groceries on another day. Let's tell the world that we value people more than money, and that we believe everyone should be allowed to spend one day at home with their family.  

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