All About Me In 30 Days Challenge: My Favorite Movie

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Day 3 – Your favorite movie

This is a tough one. I don't watch movies that often, and I think a movie would have to be pretty amazing to be considered my favorite. Part of me wanted to go with my good ole standby, Fight Club... but I haven't seen that movie in years. Certainly, if it were my favorite, I'd watch it at least once every few years.

So, I asked Ken what my favorite movie was. "How about Clueless?" he asked. Well, sure I liked that 15 years ago, but there's no way I'd watch that today. Next, he suggested Goonies. Again, Goonies was great, but there's no way I'd watch that today.

Then I remember a movie I really liked... it had something to do with racism, prejudice, and there was a boy in an invisible cape at the end. "Crash?" Ken asked.

"Yes, that's it!" I replied. "That's totally my favorite movie."

"If it were your favorite movie, don't you think you'd remember the name of it?" he asked.

And... he was right. If I had a favorite movie, I would be the one who would know what it was... not Ken. The honest truth is that I have no favorite movie. I like to watch a good movie here or there, but I hardly ever watch a movie I've seen more than once. I just feel like it's a colossal waste of my time.

That said... I do have rated quite a few television shows and movies as 5-star movies on Netflix. So, I'm going to say that's the closest thing to a favorite movie that I have. :)

The Hunger Games
Blood Diamond
How the Universe Works
Into the Wild
Prison Break
The City
Pretty Little Liars
Forks Over Knives
Family Guy
Fight Club
The Killing
Good Will Hunting
Arrested Development
The King of Kong
Ocean's Twelve
The Walking Dead
Black Hawk Down
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
Clean House
The Hills
The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Mr. & Mrs. Smith

What about you? Do you have a favorite movie? Do you love/hate any of the shows on my list? Leave a comment below. :)

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