Enjoying Autumn: Living In The Moment Versus Photographing It All

Monday, November 25, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

Autumn doesn't always last very long here in Ohio. As soon leaves start falling from the ground we usually have about three or four days before we end up getting snow and the leaves become too wet to play in. Well, of course, that's what happened this year, but luckily the snow melted after two days, and we were still able to enjoy some more Autumn leaves before winter officially began.

I tried to snap a few adorably-staged photos of the kids playing in the leaves, but of course they were more interested in actually playing than in having me photograph them. This is more and more the case in our home, and I'm starting to accept it.

So enjoy these few cute photos of my kids I was able to snap before I hopped in and started playing too!

Do you ever find yourself photographing when you would rather just be living in the moment and enjoying life? Leave a comment. :)
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