My new haircut... a long bob. :)

Monday, January 20, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

I've been trying to grow out my hair for a few years now. The pixie of November 2011 led to the non-mullet of July 2012, and eventually to the mop-head of June 2013, and eventually to today... the long inverted bob of 2014. With this new cut, I was finally able to get rid of most of the "soft black" color that was leftover from my pixie days. I was also looking to give myself a nice, simple, clean look that will grow out well, because, yes, I'm still working on growing my hair out long again. I just couldn't stand those black tips on my hair anymore.

Are you planning a new look for 2014? Growing your hair long? Cutting it short? Leave a comment! :)

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