DIY Fungus-Remover & Super-Cleaner

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I've been experimenting a lot with essential oils lately. I love that I can make products at home that are just as good, or even better than their store-bought counterparts. This fungus-remover & super-cleaner is one of my absolute favorites. I developed it after working very hard to get rid of some nasty mold that had been lingering around the corner of my house. After just 3 days of applications, the mold had completely disappeared. I proceeded to spray the area once a week for two months. And, now more than 1 year later, the mold hasn't come back. :)

I get all of my essential from Mountain Rose Herbs, which you can buy from my affiliate link - Because you use essential oils by the drops, they really do last forever.

Fungus-Remover & Super-Cleaner Recipe

In an empty spray bottle mix
  ½ cup water
  2 drops sweet orange essential oil
  1 drop peppermint essential oil
  2 drops tea tree essential oil
  1 drop camphor essential oil
  1 drop vetiver essential oil
  2 drops eucalyptus essential oil
Shake & spray!

To Remove Mold & Fungus
Spray daily on affected area. Repeat daily until mold gone. Once mold is gone, continue to apply once a week for a month. Then, continue to apply once a month to maintain mold-free environment.

To Use As A Super-Cleaner
Spray on area to be cleaned. Wait a few minutes, if desired. Wipe clean. :)

To Use As An Air-Freshener
Spray and enjoy the fresh, clean scent. :)

To Use As Sparring Gear Cleaner
Spray liberally to surface and allow to thoroughly air dry. Re-apply until sparring gear smells clean and fresh :)

I'm sure there are a million other ways to use this too! Feel free experimenting to see what ways you can find to use this recipe.

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