Free snacks for all of my friends!

Saturday, March 15, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

 It's not often I share stuff like this simply because I want to... so when I do, you know it must be good. Oh, and yes, you can really try it out totally free! You can cancel online at any time, even after your free first box.

Graze offers two snack boxes - both boxes are nutritionally balanced with a great mix of sweet and savory, healthy and tasty food. AND... you get to select the items you'd like to receive!

Nibble Box
Maximum variety - choose from over 90 of the tastiest nibbles choose from all our foods
blueberry infused cranberries, rustic rolled oat flapjacks and rosemary and garlic cashews

Calorie Counter Box

Calorie controlled snacking - over 50 snacks to choose from the lowest calorie nibbles in our range
They're all between 50-150 calories and much tastier than diet food

What are your favorite snacks? Leave a comment below! :)

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