Hello Hugo.

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I've wanted a dog on and off for the past two years now. This year when Valentines Friday rolled around, I decided to take Phoenix & Ariana to the pound to see some of the dogs there. While we were there, I fell in love with this guy in kennel #2... a boxer mix.


Ariana on the other hand, was not a fan. She wanted this small, white fluffy dog. He sure was cute, but he just wasn't right for us.

I sent a few pics to Ken, and asked him to get off work so he could meet the dog in kennel #2, and we could (hopefully) bring him home. Well, Ken did get off of work early. He did meet the dog in kennel #2, but our plans were foiled on bringing him home that day. Apparently he needed to be fixed before we brought him home, so we'd need to wait until after his surgery on Tuesday before we brought him home.

Excited about our new dog, I started showing pictures of my new guy, and the comments were almost unanimous... that's no boxer mix, that's a pit mix. *gulp* The last thing I wanted to bring home to my children was a pit. Sure, they may just get a bad rap, but I didn't want to risk my family's safety to prove a point. I was ready to call the whole thing off, but as it turns out, the kennel is closed on Mondays, and he was off to the vet on Tuesday. After a few sleepless nights of research & worrying about what I had gotten myself into, I decided to give it a try.

And we did. The dog in kennel #2 became Hugo, and he immediately fit in with our family perfectly. Ken talked to the vet when he picked him up, and they confirmed that he was some sort of boxer mix, but it's really hard to guess a mixed dog's breed. The vet also told us Hugo was around 5 years old, slightly older than the 1-2 years the pound estimated him to be.

The moment he walked into our house, it felt like he had known our family forever... immediately cuddling up to Ken & the kids, hopping up on the lap of whoever was sitting on the couch, and even hopping in Phoenix's bed for the nighttime story.

He has done great with the kids for the most part... but it's become obvious to me that Hugo didn't grow up with kids... or at least kids as rowdy as mine. Phoenix has managed to upset Hugo three times now to where he snapped, bit, or growled. So, Phoenix's fault or not, we we nervous about having a dog in our house that acts this way to our children. So, we put in a call to Ken's parents to have them care for him instead. A few days later, we took him there, dropped him off, and left. But, leaving our Hugo with another family just didn't feel right. So, we turned the car back around and brought Hugo home with us after all.

So, now, he's back at home with us... and this time it's for good. He's my dog. He's Ken's dog. He might not play with the children as perfectly as I had imagined in my head, but that's okay. Perhaps one day we'll get that little puppy that will grow up with our family, but for now, Hugo is all we need. :)

That's all for now. Thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :)

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