Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt Review and Giveaway

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Thanks to Stonyfield Organic for sponsoring this post and giveaway! 

By now you've likely tried Greek yogurt – but have you tried Stonyfield Organic Greek yogurt? Recently, Stonyfield  introduced their newly perfected recipe and added two delicious flavors - Black Cherry and CafĂ© Latte, and they recently invited me to give their Greek yogurt a try! 

My Thoughts
I tried black cherry, blueberry, chocolate, and strawberry. They were all absolutely delicious! My favorite flavor was chocolate. It packed the chocolaty punch of a pudding with all the healthiness of a greek yogurt. Honestly, it's the perfect food!

Label-readers love Stonyfield Organic Greek - Chocolate, and for good reason. Their labels consist of ingredients you can pronounce! (Certainly a rarity in the yogurt industry.) In fact, Stonyfield Organic Greek contains only six ingredients: CULTURED PASTEURIZED ORGANIC NONFAT MILK, ORGANIC SUGAR, ORGANIC COCOA, PECTIN, NATURAL FLAVOR, AND ORGANIC CAROB BEAN GUM.  

And, the goodness doesn't stop there. I've been watching my calories lately, and Greek yogurt really fits perfectly into my new calorie-conscious lifestyle. With 0% fat and twice the protein of other yogurts, this creamy and delicious treat is blameless. One 5.3oz container of Stonyfield Organic Greek - Chocolate is just 140 calories and has 13 grams of protein.

Epic Strawberry Shake with Stonyfield Organic Greek yogurt
I'm also looking forward to trying out quite a few new recipes using Stonyfield Greek yogurt. Interested in some some mouth-waterng meals, snacks, desserts, and more? You can check the recipes out at :)

About Stonyfield
Stonyfield organic yogurts, smoothies, soy yogurts, frozen yogurts, milk and cream are sold in supermarkets, natural food stores and colleges across the country. All of it is made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.

They’re located right here in New Hampshire—about 30 miles east of the original old farm—but now thier organic ingredient purchases support a huge network of food producers made up of hundreds of organic family farms, thousands of organic cows, and over 200,000 organic acres.

Stonyfield also pioneered planet-friendly business practices—from offsetting our yogurt works’ emissions, to making yogurt cups from plants instead of petroleum, to making our own renewable energy, and much more.
Their old organic farming school is just a memory, but the thought and passion that started it in the first place have only grown stronger, and they’ve never stopped working for healthy food, healthy people and a healthy planet.

Win It!
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