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Phoenix, Ariana and I have been quite busy lately. Not in that too-busy way, but in that doing-fun-stuff kind of way. Here's a little snapshot of what we've been up to... for oh-my-gosh, the last 6 months! :)

And... because I know at least one person who will be wondering if I'm featuring both Phoenix & Ariana in the exact same number of photos... I'm not. But... it's darn close. :)
Phoenix - 20 pics  |  Ariana - 17 Pics

Phoenix's Frontier Logs creation. :)


Phoenix doing some morning reading... I think we're going to need more books!

Phoenix doing a months and seasons worksheet. :)

Their castle... complete with lookout tower, swimming pool, and secret room holding guns.

Ariana's first haircut. I did the best I could in the few seconds I had. Just a quick trim of the bangs and a little off the back. :)

He's Officer Phoenix this morning. :)

Working on telling time today. :)

The latest Keva Planks creation at our house... made by my favorite 5-year-old :)

Ariana working on a 24-piece Winnie the Pooh puzzle. :)

Phoenix & his brand new glasses. :)

Paging Dr. Brown...

Enjoying some valentine cupcakes. :)

Surprise flowers from my valentine. :) Quite the surprise, since we usually don't celebrate today. :)

Finally got some new photos of Phoenix & Ariana today. :) Now... secretly debating if I should cut Ariana's hair into a chin-length bob.

Time for outside playtime with my little ones. :-)

Smile for a birthday picture? Nailed it.

Phoenix and Ariana performing a tandem fire mountain rescue. It's crazy amount of detail they put into it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my leprechauns to yours. :) #IzeaIrish #sponsored

Playing Pandemic with the hubbs. :)

Pretty serious play over here- the kids are playing Hurricane Katrina. Injured victims are being a life flighted into our makeshift hospital, and water levels are rising rapidly. 

Before & after Ariana's new haircut :)

Ariana is sleeping, Phoenix & Hugo are playing outside, and I'm enjoying some quiet time watching Dexter. :)

A new milestone for Ariana today... I just overheard her counting using ordinal numbers! (First, second, etc). She's just picked them up on her own. Not sure if this makes her "ahead" or "behind" for her age, but I'm proud either way. :)

Our Easter eggs... triple dipped, quadrupled dropped, and all sorts of beautiful. :-)

Eggs are hidden, and baskets of books are ready for tomorrow! Happy Easter :)

Totally nerding out right now... teaching the kids to quest offline, World of Warcraft style... complete with gear, loot, bags, pugs, Orgrimar, banks, quest chains, and a mini Azeroth. :)

Sending some smiles your way. :) Phoenix rocking some brand new summer clothes, and Ariana in her pretty dress. :)



Mail from postman Phoenix today... The left side is the double-heart he invented, and the right side translates to "By Phoenix". See what he did there?

Officially toothless!!! Yea!!!

Phoenix spent the last hour setting up a Game Center in the living room. Now, people who want to play games have a place to go. #CandyLand #ConnectFour #Yahtzee #Battleship #Pandemic #Tsuro #TableTop #BoardGames

Phoenix has always hated coloring. This morning he does this two page spread on a whim... I'm so proud :-)

New comic books for the kids. Crazy how much they both get into them.
#marvel #justiceleague #superman #graphicnovels

Dinner anyone? Mlg's Brgrs just opened. :)

Squeezing in some girl time with Ariana.

A mini-escape with the kids at the splash pad today. I think I needed this is much as they did!

My sweet Ariana. :)

Yes, we brought our own sunshine. And by sunshine, I mean a giant ball of never-ending energy.

He was so excited to figure this out! #truth

I hate selfies... but I hate old profile pics more. #letmetakeaselfie

#zombie #selfie #letmetakeaselfie

I let Phoenix and Ariana play with my real watercolors today. This was what they created. :-)

Feel free to leave a comment below. I appreciate and respond to each and every one. :)

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