Veggie Pasta With Sweet & Spicy Tuna {RECIPE} PLUS... A #Veggetti #Giveaway

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Thansk to Ontel for providing the Veggetti®, gift card, information, and additional gift pack to facilitate this post.

As many of you know, I've recently made a major change to my diet, and have gone from vegetarian to omnivore. In addition to adding meat back into my diet, I'm also cutting back on my carbs. It hasn't been easy, but I'm finding ways to make it work for me. One of my favorite things to do is make veggie pasta.

If you don't have one, I highly recommend getting a Veggetti. It's super-easy to use. You simply put in your veggies, turn them, and you have delicious veggie noodles, ready to boil, sautee, or eat raw.

Veggie Pasta With Sweet & Spicy Tuna


  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 packet of Starkist Tuna Creations Sweet & Spicy Tuna
  • 1 Tbsp sweet & sour sauce


  • In large pot, bring 4 cups of water to a boil
  • Slice zucchini in Veggetti & chop spirals in half once
  • Add zucchini to boiling water,and boil for 4 minutes
  • Drain zucchini
  • Place on plate, and top with Starkist Tuna Creations Sweet & Spicy Tuna and sweet and sour sauce
Preparation time is approximately 10 minutes.
Feel free to make this recipe your own by customizing it with your favorite spices.

About Veggetti®:
  • The Veggetti® turns vegetables into delicious, healthy spaghetti, instantly
  • By using zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes, the Veggetti® creates thick or thin pasta with significantly less calories and carbs than traditional noodles.
  • Ordinary pasta has 800 calories and 160 grams of carbs compared to 60 calories and 8 grams of carbs using Veggetti®!
  • Great for those who are trying to make healthier food choices, diabetics, or on gluten-free diets
  • The Veggetti® is quick & easy to use, has stainless steel blades, and is dishwasher safe
  •  Veggetti® is available at Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, CVS and other fine retailers nationwide
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