LOTEDA: Gently Used Clothing - Perfect For Back-To-School!

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Loteda for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
"Welcome to Loteda...our 4th baby. We've been fortunate to have three wonderful children in three years' time. As you can imagine, everyday is a new adventure and we look for any opportunity to save time and money.
One of the biggest challenges we’ve had as new parents is keeping up with our kids' clothes. They grow so fast and we're constantly shopping to keep up. We know we're not alone. Since free time and extra cash are things of our past, we sought a better way. We decided to create a marketplace that helps busy parents like us, save time and money.
With that, Loteda was born. It's a place for you to buy and sell your children's gently-worn clothing by the LOT. And by LOT we mean...a season's worth of clothing - one listing, one transaction."
- Anna & Josh Fendley, Co-founders 
Loteda is a new marketplace concept where parents can buy and sell Gently-used children’s clothing - by the lot. Save time and money by buying and selling an entire season’s worth of clothes in a single transaction. 
Sizes Newborn - 5T/5
How To Buy - Just go to Loteda, browses the collections, and buy your wardrobe in one simple transaction!
How to sell (DIY Option)
  1. Organize your outgrown, gently-worn clothing into lots. 
  2. Take a pic of each item, fill out a listing form, and Loteda will upload your lot.
  3. Once your lot sells, Loteda will send you a prepaid shipping bag.
  4. Drop it in the mail & recieve a check for 90% of the sale price.
How to sell (Full Service Option)
  1. Request a free prepaid shipping bag
  2. Fill it up & send it back. 
  3. Loteda will organize, photograph, and ship your lots for you.
  4. Once your lot sells, you'll recieve a check for 60% of the sale price.
Loteda photo 31a75b93-73d8-47b0-b610-ba4affb1519f_zpsbeea4f95.png
COUPON CODE: 20% off your total purchase. Use code: Summer20. Expires 8/31/2014
  • Did you know that on average, US households spend $804/year per child on clothing?
SELLERS (i.e. those who have a bin of outgrown clothes sitting in the closet)
1. Earn more money:
Most consignment/resale shops and sites payout 10-40% of resale price 
At Loteda: 
Sellers who list themselves (i.e. self-service), earn 90% of resale price 
Sellers who have Loteda list for them (i.e. full-service), earn 60% of resale price
2. Convenient: 
Loteda takes the hassle out of selling online: 
Pricing - Loteda will calculate a competitive resale price based on the original retail value, condition/wear, style, season and number of pieces in each lot 
Transaction - Loteda will take care of accepting payment from the buyer and will quickly cut the seller a check once the buyer receives their lot 
Shipping - Loteda will send a prepaid shipping kit once the lot sells. All the seller has to do is fill the bag and set it out for their mail carrier
3. Save time: 
For those parents who don’t have time to list themselves, Loteda will send out a free, prepaid shipping bag. Stuff it full of your children’s clothes and send it back for Loteda to list for you.
SHOPPERS (i.e. those who wish they knew someone giving away a bin of outgrown clothes)
1. Save money: 
Every listing is 70-90% off retail price (thanks to economies of scale (i.e. buying in bulk)) 
Shipping is included in the list price 
2. Save time: 
Buy all of next season’s clothes in one transaction 
Don’t spend hours sifting through overstuffed racks at local resale shops, consignment sales, etc. 
3. Convenient: 
Photo, brand name and the condition are provided for each item in the lot 
Returns are easy if you feel the seller misrepresented the quality/condition of the clothes
I'm VERY excited to try out this and get some new fall clothes for kids! Who would you like to surprise with clothes from Loteda? Leave a comment below. :)
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