Our Minimalist Bedroom Makeover Plans :)

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It just occurred to me that it's been quite a while since I've had a what's-going-on-in-my-life post... so here it is. A bit of a glimpse into my day today.

Ken and I have been looking on and off at getting a bigger house, as we tend to do a few times a year. In fact, we recently fell in love with a beautiful home that was a bit too far outside of our comfort zone as far as price goes. And, sure, while a new, huge house would be a lot of fun, the payments would mean sacrificing a lot. So, after much thought, we recently decided that it's in our best interest to stay in our current cozy home, and just make upgrades so it feels like those posh homes we tend to like so much. Ideally, we'd like to remodel the entire house, and turn it into our dream home, but for now, we're starting in the bedroom.

I've been following the minimalist movement for a while now, though we've yet to do more besides decluttering up until this point. (Having kids makes it a bit difficult to limit possessions too much.) Right now, the plan is to keep our bedroom very clean, modern, and minimal. I've been eyeballing a bedroom set/computer desk at Ikea that I'm pretty darn sure we'll be getting. 

MALM Ikea Bed - With Storage Drawers Underneath
SEVIO Ikea Chest/Dresser

Linnamon/Alex Ikea Computer Desk

We'll be painting the trim white, and have picked out a pretty grey that should go very well with the white furniture. They grey is Glidden's Medici Grey, aka Pebble Grey.

Oh, but these are big dreams. Right now, our bedroom is looking pretty rough. Okay, pretty rough is an understatement. If you happened to stop by our home today, this is what you'd see if you were to peek inside of our bedroom.

I'm really hoping that our bedroom makeover will give the room a nice, peaceful, serene, and clean look like the photo below. Wish us luck.. we'll need it! ;) 

What about you? Do you love your master bedroom, or would you like to zhush it up a bit? Feel free to leave a comment below. I appreciate and respond to each and every one. :)

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