Snowman Sabotage

Monday, January 26, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

For the record, I totally wanted to build a snowman with my kids outside today. But... when I started to get ready, I noticed the hubby took his snow boots to work today. Which is fine. But... that left me with no snow boots to wear. I had to choose between high-heeled boots and running shoes with vents to the outside air. I went with the running shoes. Needless to say, I knew my feet would be getting cold pretty quick. But, I really wanted to build a snowman, so I went for it. As soon as I got outside, I found the most beautiful fluffy snow... but it wouldn't pack. So, instead of building a snowman, I grabbed the camera, snapped a few shots of the little ones, and quickly went back inside.

Maybe tomorrow we'll build that snowman. At least today we were able to get a few cute pictures is. :)

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