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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for GoodNites* TRU-FIT*. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Did you know that according to a GoodNites® brand study, it’s estimated that 1 in 6 children between the ages of 4-12 in the United States suffer from nocturnal enuresis, more commonly known as bedwetting. Plus, it's not something a child cannot control or be trained out of. (Sadly, 43% of parents incorrectly believe that bedwetting can be “trained” out of a child.)  

GoodNites* TRU-FIT*

Well, I have great news for parents looking for real cloth underwear with nighttime protection for their child. GoodNites® is introducing a completely new kind of bedtime protection: GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear. GoodNites* TRU-FIT* is machine-washable, real underwear that comes with disposable, absorbent inserts that help keep sheets and PJs dry all night. The disposable, absorbent insert should be discarded after each night’s use. The underwear are washed & used again just like regular underwear. 

Confidence For Sleepovers

Did you know that more than 1/4 of parents of bedwetters express anxiety about their child spending the night somewhere and wetting the bed? Not only that, but research from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that psychologically, children who wet the bed do not want to participate in fun activities, such as sleepovers, because of their fear and embarrassment. This is why it's so awesome that GoodNites* TRU-FIT* offers a new choice for parents and children looking for a superior bedwetting product to help have a better night, every night. in face, 87% of Moms that tried the product said that TRU-FIT* will make their kids more confident.

Ready For GoodNites* TRU-FIT*

Ready to give GoodNites* TRU-FIT* a try? Be sure to download this coupon for $2 off. You can GoodNites* TRU-FIT* is available for boys and girls in sizes S/M and L/XL with colors and patterns for each size. They're available now at select national retailers like Walmart for purchase.

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