The OTHER Reason We're Not Homeschooling Anymore

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Three months ago, i decided to start sending Phoenix to public school after 1/2 a year of homeschooling kindergarten. In this blog post I explained that I simply wanted to know if homeschooling was really the better option for him, and the only way to truly know this was to test out the other option, and send him to public school. There was another reason that played a pretty big role in my decision to send him to public school. Antivaccers.

The longer I started to associate with the homeschoolers in our area, the more I realized that not many of them chose to vaccinate their children. Okay, that's an understatement. None of the homeschoolers that we associated with vaccinated their children. None of them. Zero. My kids were literally the only vaccinated ones running around with a bunch of unvaccinated kids. To some people, this might not seem like a big deal, but it's a HUGE deal. Basically, by homeschooling, I was choosing to have my kids in a unvaccinated cluster, I was greatly putting their health in danger. Check out the video below which explains how herd immunity works, and to see why I knew we had to stop homeschooling.

I feel much safer now that we've minimized our exposure to antivacciners. Sadly, science has proven that there's nothing you can say or do to convince antivacciners they're wrong. However, I've found that there's one question they refuse to answer... "What would change your mind?" I think it's a great question to ask about any controversial topic like this. And... I'll start. I'd change my mind about vaccinations when a majority of immunologists stop vaccinating their own children.

The Silent Majority No Longer
I never intended to hop on the whole vaccination debate, but frankly, I think it's silly. The pro-vaccine side supports the overwhelming agreement among scientists and doctors that vaccines are safe and effective. I've yet to meet a doctor or scientist who had an issue with vaccines. Not to mention the logical fallacies in every single anti-vaccine post I've ever read on Facebook... *facepalm* Enough is enough already.

I now feel it's become necessary because, as you've seen above, maintaining high herd immunity is crucial for vaccines to protect the population. If you're pro-vaccine, I encourage you to let people know and become a vocal proponent of vaccines. Challenge logic of anti-vaccers you know. (Knowing & sharing these logical fallacies are a great place to start.)

Oh, and thanks to Jimmy Kimmel for the wonderful segment he had recently on his show about the anti-vaccine movement. :)

Where do you stand on the topic of vaccination? What would change your mind? Leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :)
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