Why I'm Removing My Kids From The Internet

Friday, April 24, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Since my son was born, I've been blogging about him. I've always used his name, shared stories and photos about our life. When my daughter was born, the same thing happened. I thought parents who used code names for their kids were being a bit paranoid. And those who wouldn't share photos of their kids? Interesting, but certainly not for me.

Today, that all changed. I received a rather inappropriate comment about my 3-year-old daughter that has made me re-evaluate everything I've been sharing, both on this blog and on social media. So, I've decided to remove my kids from the internet. 

I know I have a huge task ahead of me, but I'm looking forward it. I also realize I've developed quite a few "friends" online that I'm simply unable to see out in the real world. Just send me an email... we'll work something out so you can continue to see my family grow. :)

I also realize now how this is a violation of their privacy. To be honest, I guess I've always known, I just decided to look the other way. There are so many bloggers who post photos of their kids online, it can be hard to see why it is "wrong". My new rule of thumb to ever post a photo of anyone without their express consent. If they are too young to consent, then don't I post their picture.

What are your thoughts about photos and names of children on the internet? Feel free to leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :) 

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