A Summer Of Chaos & Change

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A clean house like this took about 6 hours to accomplish
with two little ones running around
The Big Move
This summer has certainly been one like I've never experienced before... full of big changes for myself and my family. After living in our home for the past 12 years, we decided to put our house up for sale to move into something a bit bigger. My life instantly became consumed with keeping our house as clean as possible, which proved to be nearly impossible with a 3-year old and a 6-year old.

We had a lot of people stop by, but no bids. It was rough after putting in 5-8 hours cleaning only to have people show up and leave after 5 minutes... or even worse, not show up at all.

About 6 months later, right as we had given up hope, and had come to terms with the face that we would just make the most of our home... it actually sold.

Immediately, our weekends became consumed with finding our new home, and within a few weeks, we found the perfect home for our new, expanding family. We put in a bid, and it was accepted. Everything was falling into place. Sort of. The people we were buying the house from needed some time to find their own home, so we build in a lot of cushion time into our bid to give them time.

How much cushion time? Well, pretty much the entire summer break. A few dates are still up in the air, but as of now, our last possible move in date 5 days before my son starts 1st grade. And 1 month before baby #3 is due. So, things are a little stressful for the "nesting" department. In the meantime, most of our stuff is in storage, and we're residing in my husband's hometown, a small rural town in Ohio with a population of around 2,500. It's not uncommon to drive buy an Amish buggy while driving to one of the bigger towns in the area. Living here is unlike any place I've ever lived before, and I'm still trying to get accustomed to the rural life.

A Friday afternoon out at the local bowling alley.

Working On Baby #3
On the pregnancy font, so far everything is going great. I passed my glucose test last week, which was a huge relief, since I almost didn't pass the 1 hour test when I was pregnant with my little girl. My weight gain is currently on track, which is certainly a first for me. With both of my other children, I gained way too much weight, putting the health of myself and my baby at risk. So, it feels good to be right on track. I'm at the higher end of the track, but still on track, nonetheless. I have also yet to have swelling this pregnancy, which is also a first. It feels great to be able to still wear my wedding ring at 27 weeks, and not wake up with chubby, numb fingers. I credit my diet for these wonderful changes.
27 Weeks Pregnant
While I'm certainly far from being perfect, I have been eating a lot healthier this pregnancy... more fruits and veggies, and a lot less junk. I try to keep focused on eating to grow a healthy baby, and not "eating for two" through extra junk food and sweets. Sure, it still happens, but it's not happening on nearly the scale it did with my other two pregnancies.

I've also started practicing my hypnobirthing childbirth meditations. Yes, my birth experience was so wonderful after using it during my 2 1/2 hour labor with my 2nd child, that I've decided to do  that again for baby #3. For those unfamiliar, it's a childbirth technique that works to promote relaxation and eliminate (or greatly reduce) fear, which is what causes pain during birth. By focusing on relaxing, childbirth happens faster, and with considerably less discomfort.

So, that has been my summer so far. What has yours been like? Leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :)

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