How Deleting Old Pins Tripled My Pintrest Presence!

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I've never been a force to be recognized with on Pinterest. I currently have 906 followers, rather modest for a blogger whose main source of website traffic is Pinterest. The problem is that no matter how hard I tried, I just never could get the repins I was hoping for. Well, that is, until I stumbled across this article, "Bloggers: 9 Reasons Why You Should Be Deleting Your Pins". In a nutshell, Pinterest is all about who is pinning popular pins. If you have a lot of pins with no repins and likes, Pinterest thinks you're not popular, and doesn't show your pins to as many people.

Having nothing to lose, I decided to give this a try, and started deleting my pins with 0 repins and 0 likes. I nervously deleted 183 pins with no likes or repins, going from a total of 439 total pins down to 256. I hadn't pinned any new content, I just deleted the old stuff. I also deleted a few of my under-performing boards completely, and in the process lost 10 followers. Within days, something truly amazing happened.

  • My average daily clicks went from 352 up to 513. 
  • My average daily impressions went from 29,500 up to 38,400.
  • My average daily blog page views went from 165 up to 234.

Feeling on a roll, I decided to keep going, and delete pins with only 1 repin or like. 

  • My average daily clicks went from 502 up to 559.
  • My average daily impressions went from 36,800 up to 42,400.
  • My average daily blog page views went from 226 up to 259.
I'm continuing to declutter my Pinterest page to make it more appealing to followers. Getting rid of my under-performing boards completely felt like a huge step in the right direction. I'm also creating private boards for myself - things that I want to save as resources for myself, but don't fit into the niche I'm creating on Pinterest.

I'm looking forward to continuing to narrow down my Pinterest boards, and improving my popularity at the same time. My plan is to delete, wait a few weeks, monitor the success of my deletions, and then continue as long as I see improvement.

Update 8-28-15
I have been gradually deleting my under-performing pins over the past few weeks. I'm currently deleting anything with 5 or fewer repins. Here's a quick snapshot of where I was when I started deleting pins until today.

  • Followers: Before- 906  After- 932
  • Average daily clicks: Before- 352  After- 1,028
  • Average daily impressions: Before- 29,500  After- 74,674
  • Average daily blog page views: Before- 165  After- 429

Update 9-14-15 - Two Weeks Later
I have been continuing to delete my under-performing pins as well as a few boards over the past few weeks. I'd rather keep just my strong boards rather than have a ton of mediocre ones. I'm currently deleting anything with 6 or fewer repins. Here's a quick comparison of my stats from 2 weeks ago to where I am today.
  • Followers: Two Weeks Ago- 932  Today- 959
  • Average daily clicks: Two Weeks Ago- 1,028  Today- 1,267
  • Average daily impressions: Two Weeks Ago- 74,674  After- 97,606
  • Average daily blog page views: Before- 429  After- 446
Over the past 2 months of utilizing this method, I've tripled my Pintrest presence... as well as my blog page views! Feel free to re-pin this article. This method is so easy, and has amazing results! 

Do you have any tips on improving your Pinterest presence? Leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :)

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