Baby Names, Going Crib-Free, and More at 37 Weeks Pregnant

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It's hard to believe we're just 3 weeks away from our baby girl's arrival. Here are a few answers to some of the most popular questions on everyone's mind.

Do we have a name picked out yet?
Yes, we finally decided on a name a few weeks ago, but are keeping it a secret until she's born. And, even when we do, I'm not planning on using it online anywhere. (I'm still coming to terms with the fact that what is out there is out there forever. Using my children's names and photos online will forever give them a presence online, which is something I'm no longer comfortable with... hence my decision to remove my children from the internet.) 
Is the crib ready yet?
We're actually not using a crib or a bassinet this time around. My first born occasionally slept in a crib, but more often than not, he'd wake up the minute he touched the crib mattress, so quite often, he co-slept in the bed with my husband and I. With my second, the hubby no longer wanted to co-sleep, so I crawled into her crib with her when she would cry at night. To say that sleeping scrunched up, nursing in a baby crib is uncomfortable is an understatement. I was thrilled to get rid of the crib and move her into a twin-sized bed, where I could lay and nurse her more comfortably. So, for baby #3, when I was looking into alternatives for a crib, I came across the idea of a floor bed. The paragraphs below from Baby Essentials That Aren't does a great job explaining what floor beds are and why so many parents are switching to them.

"The entire basic idea of an infant sleeping isolated in a crib in their own bedroom is a relatively modern one, and quite limited to western culture.  And yet it is so entrenched in our collective consciousness, that it can be very difficult to conceive of doing things any other way.

Some parents question the need to keep your baby in what is essentially an elevated cage.  Babies are just as well off, in fact, on a simple mattress on the floor.  The bars which are there for ‘safety’ are only necessary because the baby is so high up.  And they’re only that high up in the first place as a convenience to parents, so we don’t have to bend over to put our babies in.

A regular mattress on the floor provides several advantages.  You are not limited to standing beside the crib, patting your fussy baby’s back.  You can lie down with your baby, whether just staying with them or nursing them to sleep while side-lying, and easily slip away after they’ve drifted off.  Or perhaps you would prefer to sit on the mattress to nurse them to sleep, then gently lay them down – this is far  easier than having to stand up from your chair, walk over to the crib, and reach baby down to the crib mattress (all without waking him!!) And of course, being on the floor already, there is no danger of injury from either falling off,  or entrapment within the bars.

From the floor mattress, baby has better view of her entire room, not just the ceiling and bars, and thus has more visual stimulation.  Many believe that babies are actually calmer and less stressed.  As baby becomes a toddler, it is greatly to their advantage to have the freedom be able to get in and out of their beds by their own will, rather than experiencing the powerlessness of having to cry and wait for an adult to respond.  This promotes independence and self-fulfillment and is notably endorsed by the philosophies of child-rights and development pioneer, Dr. Maria Montessori.

If you do choose a mattress on the floor, the usual safety checklists still apply, of course.  No pillows, blankets, toys, etc, that you would not have in a family bed or in a crib, and ensure that entrapment between the mattress and a wall is not a possibility.  If you would like something a little nicer than just a mattress, you can build your own, or purchase a ready-made floor bed.

Floor beds use fewer resources, cost less money, and quite probably result in happier, more secure children (and thus, eventually, adults).  So dare to think outside the baby cage box: question the crib!"

Are you really uncomfortable? 
Without a doubt, this has been my most comfortable pregnancy yet, despite the fact that I'm of "advanced maternal age" now. As far as I'm concerned, I owe it all to staying within a healthy weight range. With my previous two pregnancies, I gained roughly 55-65 lbs. That's about twice as much as what is recommended. This time, I've gained around 30-35. And, while I'm still on the high end for my weight gain, the differences I've noticed have been astounding. 
  • I'm able to sleep much, much more comfortably at night. Previously, I'd fidget around for hours, trying to get pillows to prop around me.Now, I just need a few pillows under my head to prevent acid reflux and heartburn.  
  • I'm able to breathe easier. Previously, my breathing was much more of a struggle. It felt like I was never getting enough air. 
  • No swelling and numbness. Previously, I'd wake up with tingly, swollen fingers every morning. I was no longer able to wear my wedding ring around the beginning of my 2nd semester. Now, at 37 weeks, I'm still able to slip my wedding ring on and off with ease.
  • No gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. While pregnant with my others, I was on watch for both gestational diabetes and preeclampsia due to my weight.
If I could give one piece of advice to anyone about pregnancy, it would be to stay within a healthy weight range. Not only does it make you ten times more comfortable throughout the pregnancy, it is also much healthier for your baby as well.

Wow, you look like you're ready to pop!
Okay, this one's not a question, but a comment I've been getting quite a bit lately. And, yes, I am starting to feel like my belly is getting pretty big! Here's a quick look at how my baby bump has been growing over the past few months.

27 Weeks PregnantOfficially 27 weeks pregnant today. If all goes according to plan, we'll be in our new house
in 6-8 weeks... hopefully with enough time to get the house ready for her arrival. :)

28 Weeks PregnantI'm stretching these non-pregnancy clothes to their limits!

29 Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks PregnantJust 9 weeks to go!

33 Weeks PregnantI feel like I'm smuggling a watermelon!

34 Weeks PregnantOur baby girl is the size of a pineapple today! 

35 Weeks PregnantI love how some clothes make my bump look small while others make it look huge.
Today, I feel like I'm about to pop!

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