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After having two children, you get a pretty good handle on what babies and children really need... and what they don't. For a while, we had decided we were going to be a 2-children family, and had gotten rid of almost all of our baby stuff except a few special items. Well, fast forward to today... Baby B's due date is in a week, we're more than ready for her arrival, and have bought practically nothing. Not because the market isn't full of a million things we could get, but because I know most of the stuff we don't need.

In fact, my 4-year old insisted on buying her her first new "toy" while we were at the grocery store today... the Kick & Play Piano Gym you see on the floor. She even said she'd use her own money to pay for it because she knew how happy it would make her baby sister. Baby B's other toys are on the shelf... a classsic wooden abacus, a bead maze, Haba Patience Blocks, a wooden spinny critters toy, a Fisher Price rattle, and a handful of stuffed animals. We also have some blankets, and some cloth diapers.

You can also check out her floor bed, and read about why I'm choosing a floor bed over more traditional options in our culture. Right now, it's still on the box springs, but those will be coming out soon. While babies falling out isn't usually an issue with floor beds, we will have a secure sleeper to use to prevent her from rolling around at night until she's old enough to discover and adjust to her boundaries.  

I'm also planning on doing a lot of babywearing, both at home and while we're out and about, so I have an Infantino Unison Baby Carrier to be able to wear her whenever possible.

Baby Bump Update - Weeks 37 & 38
I'm still feeling ridiculously well, and loving every minute of being pregnant. Not too much to complain about, really!

I've been slacking off in my weekly belly shots!
It hard to believe I'm 37 weeks pregnant! With just 3 weeks to go, I feel great!
#37weekspregnant #baby3 #pregnant

Well, according to everyone, it appears that I've popped! Just 2 weeks & 1 day to go. But, to be honest, I think tomorrow is a perfect day to have a baby. #38weekspregnant #baby3 #pregnant

So... no labor on Labor Day like I was hoping. Last week, my fluid levels were low, so I've been drinking A LOT of water over the past week.... and it worked! My fluid levels have doubled and are back in the normal range again. Oh, and no induction scheduled as of now... keeping my fingers crossed for a happy, healthy, unmedicated birth. #38weekspregnant #baby3

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