Where I Want To Vacation Next Year #ListersGottaList

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A lot of people I follow on Instagram have been doing the #ListersGottaList challenge lately. In a nutshell, TheResetGirl from Listers Gotta List creates prompts, and list-lovers everywhere bust out their pens, markers, stickers, stamps, and washi tape to create beautiful journal pages about the prompt. Here are some examples:

Source: Instagram user @alexandra_plans 

Source: Instagram user @alexandra_plans

And, while I do appreciate the beauty and creativity put into these, making beautiful works of journaling art isn't a priority to me right now. But... what is a priority is reflecting on my life and putting a pen to some paper. So, I'm doing my own, less artistic version of the challenge on Instagram and here on my blog. 

Where I Want To Vacation Next Year

1. Cat Island, The Bahamas
2. Chicago,Illinois
 - Legoland
 - Medieval Times
 - Shedd Aquarium
 - The Field Museum
3. North Carolina
4. Honolulu, Hawaii
 - Surfing on Waikiki... all day... every day!

So, where do you want to vacation next year? Feel free to leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :)

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