2016 Goals: Reading, Watching, and Writing

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Today, as I read on Facebook how Mark Zukerburg's goals to run 365 miles in 2016 as well as create an artificial intelligence for his home, I couldn't help but think about my own goals for 2016.

I've been doing the Goodsreads Reading Challenge for a few years now. Last year, I set a goal to read 10 books,and actually read 13 - you can check them out here. This year, I'm setting a goal to read 15 books in 201, which I will be tracking here.

As the kids bedtimes have gotten smoother, I have more time at night to myself. This year, I'd like to use that bit of time to watch 6 foreign films.

I've decided to go back to being a vegetarian this year. My reasons mainly mimic those stated on the No Meat Athlete blog.

"I believe I’m a lot healthier now that I’m vegan. It forces me to avoid fast food and countless other convenient, but unhealthy, foods that I used to eat. So in my mind, there’s no question that a well-planned plant-based diet is healthier than the standard (terrible) American diet.

But how about compared to a whole-foods diet that happens to include some meat, eggs, and a little dairy? Honestly, I’m not convinced that one is clearly healthier than the other.

To me, it’s not clear that one diet is necessarily healthier than the other. I’m fine to call it a tie. I just know that passing up a McDonald’s is way easier for me now than it was before I was vegetarian, and as a result, I make so much more of my own food than I used to, and eat so many more fruits and vegetables than before. For that aspect, I like it."

Check out these resources for some great vegetarian inspiration!

This past year, my blog has taken a turn from being about my children to about me, which has proved to be a bit of a challenge. I think what I missed most of all was documenting those little everyday moments to have and show them later. Journaling has been a perfect outlet for me to be able to still capture these everyday memories for my children. In face, I have 3 different poppin notebooks that I've been using to document little snippets about each of my children. My plan is to give them this book when they turn 18.

Sure,there are other things I'm hoping to accomplish in 2016, but those fall under the category of:

What are you looking forward to doing in 2016? Leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one. :)

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