Garnier Nutrisse HL3 Golden Honey On Brown Hair (Covering Box Dye & Henna)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

I love changing up my hair.

Short black pixie? Check.
A bright red bob? Check.
I've played with henna.
Then, there was that never-ending quest for long hair.

But, I haven't been blonde in a long time. And... I haven't been a good blonde, well, ever, really. And, I think I should. So, I'm working on an at-home way to get blonde. For this daunting task, I chose Garnier Nutrisse HL3 Golden Honey On Brown Hair. According to the Garnier website:

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color HL3, "Golden Honey" was specially designed for women with the darkest natural hair who are looking for dramatic lift. It can lift up to 4 levels without bleach and creates a warm light brown to dark blonde result. The kit also includes a custom applicator tip to help with all-over application or to help you create special effects.

HL3 is for you if you begin with dark brown to light brown hair. If your hair is darkest brown or black, HL2 or HL1 might be a better option for you.

We do not recommend HL3 for bleached, highlighted, or predominantly gray hair, due to the lifting ability of this shade. 

Looking at the before and after below, I do see slight overall lightening. The color also looks a bit more consistent from top to bottom, and I'm definitely digging the new look. It's certainly not blonde yet, but I'm not giving up yet.  :)

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