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What Is Snapchat?
Snapchat. You've heard of it, You might have dismissed it. Here's why as a mom or blogger you should give it a try. Snapchat is quickly becoming the hottest new photo & video sharing app, and for good reason. Basically, it allows messages to only be viewed for a short period of time... from a single view as a "snap" up to 24 hours as a "story", at which point,, messages disappear.

Snapchat For Moms
You can send pics/videos to multiple people easily and quickly. They are viewed within the app which means there is no downloading them to your computer or phone, and taking up valuable hard drive space. You view the content. Then, it disappears.

It's private. For people like me who prefer to keep their kids online lives minimal, this is great. We can still share things with people who care without spamming everyone we know on Facebook.

They're sent to individuals, not groups, so you don't get a message when every single person replies. It's just a private message between you and the individual.

There's no competition like there is on other platforms. There are no friend counts, no "likes" or "comments". A person you send the picture to just views the content. That's it. There's no other expectation.

There is other fun stuff you can do with videos that your kids will LOVE... speed up videos, slow them down, have an animated rainbow come out of your mouth. Stuff like that. :)

You can send video messages back and forth. This is a great way to "chat" with family you don't see all the time or to even have the kids chat with Dad or Mom during lunch.

Snapchat For Bloggers
Today, in a culture obsessed with youth, younger people set the trends. Do you remember when Facebook first started, it was just for college kids? Now everybody and their mom are on it. So... the younger kids have stepped out... and they're on Snapchat. Why is that important? Because eventually the older people will follow, making Snapchat the new Facebook... and, you'll have a head start on the game. That's where everyone's eyes will be, and that's what advertisers want... so that's what you want.

  1. So, go download Snapchat. 
  2. Add me on Snapchat: lisabrowndesign or screenshot the pic above and add me by Snapcode.
  3. Watch the to learn how to use it.

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