Ending The Ice Cream Truck Lie

Thursday, June 30, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

It was the beginning of summer, and the ice cream truck was going down our street with that obnoxious ice cream music cranked up full blast, and I lied to you. You asked me what the noise was, and I told you with a small smirk on my face that it was a "music truck". I told you it just went around playing music for people. Of course, you bought it, you're 4 years old. At the time, I thought I was being hilariously clever. But, I wasn't. I lied to you and I shouldn't have. I felt bad almost as soon as the words left my mouth.

The next day, the ice cream truck came down the street again, and you said, "Oh, Mommy, do you hear the music truck?" But, this time, it wasn't funny. I felt like a jerk. I was being a complete hypocrite. How can I expect you to tell the the truth about big things if I don't tell you the truth about small things?

So, I called you over, sat you on my lap, looked you in the eye, and told you I lied. I told you it wasn't a music truck, it was an ice cream truck. I was expecting you to be mad and disappointed that I had lied to you, but you weren't. I apologized for lying, and told you the reason we don't get stuff from there. I explained that people are always trying to find ways to get your money. And, it's up to us to decide who we give it to. We decide not to buy from the ice cream truck because we can get it much cheaper by going to the store. We're not so poor as to not afford ice cream from the truck, we just make the decision not to. I explained that we could get an entire gallon of ice cream from the store for the cost of two treats, and asked you what you thought we should do. You instantly said to get it from the store. I smiled, knowing that this financial literacy lesson she learns from this is invaluable.

Oh, and though I didn't tell her, I want to avoid the Pavlov reaction every time they hear the sound of the ice cream truck go by, so we never get it, and they never expect it.

Thanks to Honest Tea for the #RefreshinglyHonest Project that gave me the kick in the pants to be a little more honest with my daughter about this.

Have you told your kids a little white lie? What was it about? Leave a comment below. :)

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